What’s Working Right Now?

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Once you start tracking and analyzing, to use the data, you must find out what is working right now. Whatever is really working now is the best place to focus on while you learn as much as you can about the small daily actions you can take to grow your business. In fact, all data collection is about one thing: Finding out what works so that you can do more of what works.

 Working Checklist


  • If you run Facebook Ads. What are your results so far? Are you getting a return on your investment? If you are, you can confidently do more of those? If not, you should consider not doing any for a while until you know how to do them better or you can hire someone to help. Spend that time on something else that is working.


  • If you are building a community. Maybe you’re working on building a community on Facebook or another platform that enables you to build conversational groups. Is that working? If your goal is engagement, are you getting any? Are you making more sales via the work you do for that group? No, you may want to stop devoting as much time to it or change how you’re doing it.


  • If you’re building a Pinterest strategy. What does the data tell you about your Pinterest activities. Are they getting you more leads, traffic, and sales? If not, what can you change? No, how can you do more of it?


  • If you’re engaging in daily blogging. How is that working for you? Can you look at the traffic over time to find out if it’s increasing directly due to your blogging efforts? How about sales? If you’re building but not making sales, do you have CTAs on all your posts? What topics are generating the most engagement, sales, response, and so forth? Can you do more of those?

  • If you’re active on YouTube.com. If you have been uploading videos to YouTube for a while, how’s that going? Look at the data to determine if that’s helping you get more traffic, leads, and sales – or not. If it is, do more. If not, figure out where you’re missing the mark. What topic of video is doing best? Can you do more of those?

  • If you’re active in email marketing. Look at the data generated by your autoresponder service to find out which type of email is generating the most opens and then, of those that get opened, which type of email generates the most click-throughs and sales? Whatever is working can be repeated.



One thing to remember is that every single business is slightly different. If you sell physical products versus digital products, there are different ways that you’ll have to keep track of the data to find out what is working and what is not working. For now, find the things that are providing some measure of return on investment for you – that might mean building a following, getting more traffic, building your email list, or making sales.


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